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The Majestic Kelp is an eclectic, ‘surfin’ sounds’ instrumental outfit that has found favour with music critics, fans and soundtrack aficionados alike.


The Majestic Kelp’s debut album “Underwater Casino” appeared in 2003 and proved to be an idyllic escape from the comfortable confines of the surf instrumental sounds genre into a moodier, more reflective dense soundscape of freeform instrumental pieces described as offering a blend of "cool surf guitar/postmodern lounge instrumental" with nods to The Ventures, Morricone and Serge Gainsbourg.


Their sophomore release “Music to Chase Cars By” (2006) mixed by Mark Neil (Black Keys/ Los Straightjackets) was a raunchier affair teaming stinging guitars and sax over swampy blues jams and psychedelic surf sounds, while third album “Turn Up the Sun” (2013) brought it back to the beach with warm guitar tones, melodic ballads and epic surf soundtracks.


The Majestic Kelp’s 4th album “Hi-Seas” was recorded in the summer of 2017, and released in 2018. From the creeping, percussive mystery of the opening track through to the seductive title track, “Hi Seas” is an exotic journey over land, sea, space and beyond. The album was made available in a limited edition on vinyl and cd (Invisible Records) and on vinyl through UK label Sugarbush Records. 

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