Don't Talk About Us complete recordings (1985-89) [2006]

Don't Talk About Us complete recordings (1985-89) [2006]

The Someloves

  1. Melt
  2. Back On Side With You
  3. Something You Can't Miss
  4. Know You Now
  5. Girl Soul
  6. How She Loves
  7. I Didn't Mean That
  8. Little Town Crier
  9. Sunshine's Glove
  10. Forever A Dream
  11. I'm Falling Down
  12. Another Happy Ending


  1. It's My Time (EMI Mix)
  2. She's A Better Lover
  3. Jack Robinson
  4. Don't Have To Try
  5. For The Very Last Time
  6. Know You Now
  7. It's My Time (single)
  8. Don't Talk About Us
  9. How She Loves (demo)

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