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1992-1999, 2019

In the late months of 1992, Dom Mariani founded DM3, enlisting Toni Italiano on bass and Pascal Bartolone (formerly of The Summer Suns) on drums. Initially, Ian Campbell played an auxiliary role on lead guitar. Their inaugural single, "Foolish," was released in May, followed by their eponymous debut album, "One Times, Two Times, Three Red Light," in September on Citadel Records. The band independently produced the album. In 1993, Mariani was honored with induction into the WAMIA ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll of Renown.’ During mid-1994, DM3 embarked on a European tour to support their recent releases, including a notable performance at Denmark's Roskilde Festival on July 1. This performance was recorded and later released in May 2013 as "Live (Roskilde Festival 1994)." In June 1996, DM3 released their second album, "Road to Rome," produced by the band in collaboration with Mitch Easter.

Renowned US writer John M. Borack ranked "Road to Rome" at No. 11 on his list of The 200 Greatest Power Pop Albums, praising its "sublime concoction of equal parts '90s pop power and '60s melodicism," featuring tracks characterized by "meaty, beaty, big and ballsy guitar riffs living in a state of sheer bliss with non-cliched lyrics."[32] In the same year, they also released an EP titled "5 Greasy Pieces," and the following year saw the issuance of a compilation of b-sides and outtakes, "Garage Sale." US label Bomp! Records supported the band's 1997 tour by releasing a compilation, "Dig It the Most." In 1997, Toni Italiano departed, and ex-The Stems bassist Matthews took over. DM Three's third album, "Rippled Soul," was released in September 1998. Although Jeff Baker joined on guitar in 1999, the group disbanded later that year. DM3 earned high praise, with some considering them arguably the best power pop band to emerge from Australia, as declared by Holly Cara Price.

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