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The Someloves, founded by Dom Mariani and Darryl Mather, both of whom were also members of Australian garage bands The Stems and The Lime Spiders, originated when Mather saw The Stems perform in Perth in 1984. During The Stems' Sydney tour in 1985, Mariani and Stems drummer Gary Chambers lived in a house on Terminus Street with Darryl Mather and Bill Gibson of The Eastern Dark.

The first recording session featured Gary Chambers on drums and Christian Houllemare on bass. The tracks, including the single "It's My Time" released in 1986, were mixed by Alan Thorne at Trafalgar and signed by Citadel Records. The name "The Someloves" was coined by Mather, inspired by a Real Kids' song, "Some Love Like Yours." A second Someloves single took shape in 1987.

In 1987, while remixing The Stems' final single "Sad Girl" in Sydney, Mariani recorded "Know You Now" for The Someloves, with Darryl Mather sending the tapes to Perth for completion amid post-Stems activities. The single was mixed by Mitch Easter and released in 1988 on Mushroom Records. In 1989, Mushroom allocated a $60,000 budget for The Someloves' debut album, "Something or Other," mostly recorded at Planet Studios in Perth and released in 1990.

Widely regarded as an essential power-pop recording, "Something or Other" gained high praise among power pop collectors. Its 2006 re-release as a two-CD compilation, titled "Don't Talk About Us: The Real Pop Recordings of the Someloves 1985–89," features critical reviews, interviews, and a bonus disc of non-album singles and remixes, providing insight into the intertwined musical journeys of Mariani and Mather.

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